HOWTO instal p4vasp on Mac

Mr. Ryuichi Arafune shared the following short instraction for installing p4vasp on Mac:
Following text is the short instraction for installing p4vasp on Mac.
I have succeded in making the newest version (0.3.25) p4vasp by following this sequence from scrach.

0) Install the newest XCODE and XQuartz.  (I have checked on XCode
4.5.2 and  XQuartz 2.7.4)

1) Install homebrew (

2) The follwoing homebrew packages are at least required.  (Other
packages may be installed due to dependency.)
   atk gobject-introspection gtk+ pango  pixman cairo intltool
pkg-config py2cairo fltk pygobject pygtk freetype libffi python
libglade gdk-pixbuf sqlite swig gfortran glib libxml2
   (Note that libglade must be installed before pygtk installation.)

3) You need to change Mountain Lion's symlink to point at your new
Python install. Run the following three lines in sequence:

cd /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions
sudo rm Current
sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/python/2.7.3/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current

To verify your installation, type "which python" at the command line.
(You should see "/usr/local/bin/python" in response.)

4) type "easy_install pip" at the command line to install pip.
  (pip is much better package managing system than easy_install)

5) type "pip install numpy" at the command line to install numpy.
  To check your installation by excecuting "python" and then type the
following. (Of course, do not type ">>>".)

  >>> import numpy
  >>> print numpy.__version__
  >>> print numpy.__file__
  >>> quit()

The version number and file location should appear in response.

6)  Now, you can compile p4vasp.
  6-1) Apply p4vasp.patch at the top directory
  6-2) check libpythonA.B.dylib in src/ (A.B is version number) is consistent with your system
  6-3) type "./install-local" in the top directory.

7) type "p4v" to run p4vasp.
8) Enjoy.
-- Ryuichi Arafune